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      Finger root, Chinese ginger

Botanical Name : Boesenbergia pundurata (R0xb) Schitr. 

Common names. : finger root, gazhutu, kachai, krachai, kasay, Chinese ginger, Thai ginger, suo shi, Boesenbergia pandurata Holtt. Zingiberaceae,  Chinese key, fingerwarr. Temu kunci (Indo.), Bong nga truat ( VN.)

Fingerroot (Boesenbergia rotunda), also known as Chinese ginger, is a medicinal and culinary herb from China and Southeast Asia. In English, the root has traditionally been called Fingerroot, because the shape of the rhizome resembles that of fingers growing out of a center piece.

Fingerroot is the best English name that can be devised for this South-East Asian spice, which has become generally known in the West only in recent years. Fingerroot is used as a medicine, not for cooking, in China, and it is a rare spice in the cuisines of Vietnam and Indonesia: I have seen it appearing in markets in, e.g., Saigon  or Bukittinggi, but corresponding cookbooks usually do not mention it.


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